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Terms and conditions of Trendingtale.com

The terms and conditions of website usage give a directive as how should people access the site, the ideal usage of the contents and the information and the usage of the documents on the site. Clauses of the terms & conditions of site usage govern the relationship between the operator and the users.

The articles on our website are original works and they totally belong to trendingtale.com

Trendingtale.com holds no credit for any photo/images/videos used on the site. If you find any image as offensive then kindly email it to us on our official email ID to have it removed from our site.

Trendigtale.com is a website that provides general information related to health, food, technology, lifestyle, fashion, nature, travel, current trending news, etc. The information that you find on the site may contain inaccuracies or errors. Trendingtale.com does not guarantee the correctness or reliability of the content on this site. The site also does not give any guarantee or warranty regarding the accuracy of the information mentioned in the site’s content. You acknowledge this fact and we exclude any kind of liability for errors or inaccuracies found on the site.

Trendingtale.com shall not be held responsible for the use of the content, materials, information, images, etc. You use this site at your own discretion. The site shall not be liable for any kind of complaints with respect to the images or content you display on your site or in print.

The scraping, framing, extraction, data mining or collection of the content of trendingtale.com in any form is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to mirror any material of this website.

The terms and conditions are always subject to changes according to the situation and time span. Our terms and condition is a bond between you, i.e. the user and our site, so before you use any of our videos, articles, posts or any other materials, which is our property, you should read our terms and condition policies very carefully and note that once you start using our website you are bound to accept our terms and conditions.


Trendingtale.com holds fair and transparent terms and conditions about the solicited and unsolicited usage of the site as well as the contents available at the site. The transparency in the clauses gives a proper direction to the visitors as how they should use the web space & content as well as the types of usages they are expected to refrain from. Hence, it becomes easier for the visitors to use the site and its contents and they can concentrate more on the content and information, rather than explore the dos and don’ts.

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